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Calibration Services

Calibration, simply put, is the standardization of a measuring instrument. It is achieved by a set of operations that relate the values / quantities indicated by the measuring instrument against an accurate traceable standard in order to determine any deviation and correct the same for errors.

Any industry, whether in manufacturing or service sector, must have accurate and reliable measurements if they are to achieve their quality and safety goals. We have the latest instruments, standards, knowledge and skills to calibrate all types of electrical and electronic instruments. Our standards have tracibility to national / international standards, so the customers can be assured as to the accuracy of their instrument.

Calibration, which is a process of comparison, is therefore associated with a level of uncertainty. Our reports indicate the uncertainty associated with measurements. Our team works keeping the ‘Clients requirements’ as the focus.

  1. Compression Testing Machines

    We offer a wide range of Mechanical Calibration Services.

    Dimensions, Pitch Dia, Flatness

    Relative - 0-700mm
    0.5 to 850 mm

    Universal Length Machine – Easson Optoelectronics
    Slip Gauges-Mikronix And Lenght Bars-Mikronix

    Gauge Blocks, Threads measuring wires, Cylindrical Setting rods, Plain Ring Gauges, Step Guge-Caliper Checker, Feeler Gauge, Radius Gauge, Plain Plug Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Bore Gauge, Micrometer, Plunger and Lever type Dial Gauge, Snap Gauge, Plain Taper Gauge, Square Cylinder, V Block. Vernier/Dial/Digital Caliper, Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, Depth Micrometer
    Dead Weight Tester – Yantrika Pressure Gauge
    Load Comparator – Yantrika Pressure Gauge
    Angle _____ Angle Gauge Set Bevel Protector, Angle Plate, Angle Protector

    upto 500KN

    Electro-Servo-Hydraulic U.T.M. – 500 KN Proving Ring.

    Proving Ring – 25, 100, 200, 400 KN UTM
    upto 1 Kg.
    Standard Weights – Weigh India Weighing Machine etc.

    upto 1000ml

    Weighing Balance, Standard Weights – Weigh India Glasswares (Pipette, Burette, Beaker, Measuring Cylinder)


    Granite Surface Plate Calibrator – Rahn Planekator Calibration of Granite Surfaces.


    Dispalcement - 0.001 to 4mm RPM - 60 - 99,990 r/min Frequency - 1 to 20KHz Vibration Meter

    Vibration Machine or objects.


    0-11 Nm

    Electronic Torque Tester – URYU Seisaker Small Torque Wrinches upto 11 Nm.

  2. Concrete Mixer, Laboratory Type


    We offer a wide range of Metrology Calibration Services.

    • Angle Plate
    • Calliper (Mech/Dial/Digital)
    • External Micrometer (Mech/Dial/Digital)
    • Height Gauge (Mech/Dial/Digital)
    • Depth Micrometer (Mech/Dial/Digital)
    • Depth Caliper (Mech/Dial/Digital)
    • Dial Thick. Gauge / Dial Snap Gauge
    • Coating Thickness Gauge
    • Width Gauge/Thickness Gauge
    • Thread Ring Gauge (Pitch Dia Only)

    Latest Instrument

    • Easson EX-100 Manual for Universal Length Instrument with Digital Processing